Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    developing a method for assessment of agricultural drought risk    Ph.D    Khalili, Najmeh    
2    Enhancement of Estimated ET from SEBAL and S-SEBI Methods at Farm Scale ,using Down-scaling Technique            0000-00-00
3    Evaluation of “Experimental Methods in Estimation of Large-Scale Actual Annual Eevapotranspiration” using “Estimated Evapotranspiration from SEBAL” for Neishaboor Plain            0000-00-00
4    Analysis experiences of water management in Iran from 1900s.            0000-00-00
5    Study on the possible changes of effective rainfall in climatic region of Iran            0000-00-00
6    Compare Furrow Irrigation in Real Time and irrigation based on the initial design    M.Sc.    tamaddoni, Mirhadi    0000-00-00
7    Delelopement of an indicator to estimate annual renewable water under variable weather conditions            0000-00-00
8    Interaction of salinity and deficit irrigation on yield and quality of cotton cultivars and determining water – salinity production function    Ph.D    najafi mood, mohammad hosein    2010-03-21
9    Scaling of Richards’ Equation to Gain Generalized Solutions for Dissimilar Soils    Ph.D    Sadeghi, Seyyed Morteza    2010-05-22
10    A linear relationship for the plant reference evapotranspiration using daily data and two different methods, Gamma test and principal component analysis    M.Sc.    sh, no    2010-09-23
11    Study of temporal and spatial changes in groundwater quality in Neishaboor Plain    M.Sc.    Abtahi, Mostafa    2010-10-30
12    The Investigation of Rainfall Patterns Changes according to Climate Change in the period 2011 to 2030 (Case study: the provinces of Khorasan Razavi and Kerman whit LARS-WG model)    M.Sc.    Hasheminasab Khabisi, Farideh Sadat    2010-11-06
13    Study of Irrigation Supply Impacts on Water Resources of Neyshabour Plane    M.Sc.    kermanshahi, somayyeh    2010-11-06
14    Simulating water infiltration in the soil with HYDRUS-1D _ A case of study in Jovain plain    M.Sc.    mt, ma    2010-11-22
15    investigation of flooding event by using charactristics of geomorphologic/hydrogeomorphologic    M.Sc.    mollaei, z    2011-01-08
16    Using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) to assess and identify the agricultural units in point of view of water productivity (Case study: Astan e Quds Razavi farm)    M.Sc.    zarif garmrood dadkhah, saeid    2011-04-23
17    Application and Assessment of a Developed Coupled-Groundwater–Surface Water Model in the Neishaboor Watershed    Ph.D    Izady, Azizallah    2011-04-30
18    Evaluation of fertigation effect under drip irrigation systems (surface and subsurface) on root development, yield and corn evapotranspiration    Ph.D    esfandyari, samad    2011-07-10
19    Determination of soil Hydraulic Conductivity and Diffusivity with out flow method by Pressure Plates    M.Sc.    sadeghzade, fateme    2011-11-05
20    Groundwater recharge estimation using various methods and making comparison results with each other, case study:Neyshabur Plain    M.Sc.    Ahmadi, Tayebeh    2011-12-31
21    Modeling the effects of salinity stress and deficit irrigation on the growth process of two cultivars of canola    Ph.D    yazdani, vahid    2011-12-31
22    Conceptual Modeling of Water Balance in River Basin Scale    M.Sc.    Ghallehban Tekmedash, Milad    2011-12-31
23    SCS-CN model is used in a large watersheds and provide corrective coefficients (Case study: part of the watershed Maharlu - Bakhtegan)    M.Sc.    dolat abadi, narges khaton    2011-12-31
24    Effect of geological characteristics on water quality for regional analysis of extreme events.    M.Sc.    taherpour, tayebeh    2012-01-28
25    ‍Parameters Calibration and Uncertainty analysis of SWAP agrohydrologial model and its influence on irrigation scheduling at farm level    Ph.D    Shafiei, Mojtaba    2012-01-28
26    Using GMS to simulate the groundwater flow in an Urban region (Case Study: Bojnord)    M.Sc.    jafari, zobeyde    2012-01-28
27    Identifying Potential Sites for Rainwater Harvesting (Case study: Doabi kalat Catchment)    M.Sc.    abshenasan, zohreh    2012-02-18
28    the distributed water balance models for basin    M.Sc.    razavi kahnamooyi, sayyed sadjad    2012-02-20
29    Study the effects of maize (Zea mays L.) seed coating with natural and synthetic water absorbent materials on seed germination    Ph.D    bahrami, mahmood reza    2012-02-26
30    Simultaneous numerical modeling of surface and subsurface flow in furrow irrigation for surface irrigation management    M.Sc.    beykzadeh, elham    2012-02-29
31    Simulation of emitter clogging by using FLUENT software    M.Sc.    mehrvar, zahra    2012-03-03
32    Enhancement of Estimated ET from SEBAL and S-SEBI Methods at Farm Scale ,using Down-scaling Technique    M.Sc.    yavari, mahdi    2012-03-04
33    Title: Study on the trend of effective rainfall variations on agro-climatic Regions of Iran for rainfed Wheat    M.Sc.    nasiri, maedeh    2012-04-21
34    Evaluation of “Experimental Methods in Estimation of Large-Scale Actual Annual Eevapotranspiration” using “Estimated Evapotranspiration from SWAT Model” for Neyshabur Area    M.Sc.    hamidi kariznoee, zahra    2012-04-21
35    independent estimation of stages evaporation from saline soil.    M.Sc.    selahvarzi, mahdi    2012-06-16
36    Evaluation of “Experimental Methods in Estimation of Large-Scale Actual Annual Evapotranspiration” using “Estimated Evapotranspiration from SEBAL” for Neyshabor Plain    M.Sc.    yavari, mahdi    2012-06-16
37    Assess the impact of changes in supply and demand on water resources management, modeling vensim using river basin Atrac    M.Sc.    kumasizade, zohre    2012-06-16
38    Estimation of water deficit index & soil moisture content by use of remote sensing (case study; Mashad plain)    M.Sc.    Mohammad, Fashaee    2012-10-13
39    The quantifying of groundwater model of Quchan plain using GMS software model.    M.Sc.    mazadeh, yahya    2012-11-17
40    : assessment and prioritization strategies foe water resources management in Southern Khorasan using AHP    M.Sc.    zahedipour, hanieh    2013-01-16
41    Field Evaluation of Surface Irrigation Models Performance with Saline Water (Case Study: Furrow Irrigation)    M.Sc.    Fathi torshizi, Maryam    2013-01-20
42    Evaluating Water Uptake Reduction Functions under Salinity and Water Stress Conditions in Turf Grass    M.Sc.    seifi, sodabe    2013-01-26
43    Monitoring Hydrologic System of Neishabour Watershed using Remote Sensing Technique    Ph.D    ,    2013-02-13
44    Investigation of drought monitoring using TRMM satellite data in Khorasan Razavi province    M.Sc.    Ghafourian Ghods Kameli, Hadi    2013-02-16
45    Investigation of absorption of nutrient and quantitive and qualitative characteristics of plane trees in Mashhad urban landscape in drip irrigation and subdrip irrigation    Ph.D    pakdel, payam    2013-05-08
46    Evaluation the possibility of increasing cereal productivity in rainfed agriculture using real-time drought monitoring (The Case Study: Kabul River Basin – Afghanistan)    M.Sc.    Husaini, Hadi    2013-05-11
47    Optimal Design of Flood Control Systems by Multi-Criteria Decision Making    M.Sc.    safaei, azam    2013-05-11
48    study of flow into qanat using numerical modeling    M.Sc.    azari rad, maryam    2013-06-17
49    Investigating effects of deficit irrigation and water salinity on greenhouse PEPPER yield in smart drip irrigation system    M.Sc.    salarian, mohammad    2013-11-02
50    Dam two-dimensional stratification modeling (case study: Doosti Dam)    M.Sc.    hasibi, arezoo    2013-11-09
51    Prediction of soil hydraulic properties under changing soil compaction    Ph.D    zarrinfar, sajjad    2013-11-12
52    Application of Advanced Statistical Methods in Evaluation and Design of Optimal Network for Groundwater Quality Monitoring (Case Study: Mashhad Aquifer)    Ph.D    Akbarzadeh, Moslem    2013-11-12
53    Evaluation Performance of Gotvand Irrigation and Drainage Network Using MASSCOTE (Mapping System and Services for Canal Operation Techniques )    M.Sc.    rahmati, sepideh    2013-12-07
54    Evaluation of TiO2 nanoparticle transport in unsaturated soils    Ph.D    omidi, samira    2013-12-15
55    Integrated Water Supply Reliability Development of Boundary Rivers and Assessment on Harirud Boundary River (Doosti Dam) in Khorasan Razavi Province    M.Sc.    Sherafat, Seyede Saeede    2013-12-21
56    providing an applied guideline for groundwater quality monitoring for neyshabur watershed    M.Sc.    entezari, farid    2013-12-28
57    Optimization of leaching under different scenarios of irrigation management with salin water in order to achieve the maximum net profit and the minimum leaching    Ph.D    Mohammadi, Masoud    2014-01-01
58    Assessing the fluctuation of hydrological and meteorological drought severity and duration due to climate change and its effect on water balance component    Ph.D    Azadi, Samira    2014-01-11
59    Prediction of annual evporation change in dry region watersheds using the aridity index (Case study of Neishaboor watershed)    Ph.D    Mianabadi, Ameneh    2014-01-18
60    Analysis of agricultural drought using remote sensing techniques and the development of an appropriate index for agricultural drought assessment    Ph.D    Noori, Samira    2014-01-20
61    Development of a Regional Weather Generator Using Panel Data Technique    Ph.D    shirazi, pooya    2014-01-28
62    Development and Assessment of an Integrated Model of flow in Surface, Unsaturated and Saturated zones in Neishaboor Region    Ph.D    Nazarieh, Farzaneh    2014-01-28
63    Effects of nitrogen fertilizer and irrigation water on root growth parameters (maize single cross 704 in Kerman area)    Ph.D    Koohi chellehkaran, Nader    2014-03-02
64    Using of MODFLOW to develop the groundwater model of Mahvelat plain    M.Sc.    Ahmadi, Mojtaba    2014-03-08
65    Assessment the effect of management and environmental factors and crop indices on wheat Water Productivity (Case study: the upper part of the Karkheh river basin)    Ph.D    Nakhjavanimoghaddam, Mehdi    2014-03-08
66    Uncertainty Analysis and Parameters Estimation of Rainfall Runoff Modelling Using Markov Chain Monte Carlo Method    Ph.D    nourali, mahrouz    2014-03-09
67    Preventive Maintenance Management Model of Urban Water Distribution Networks Based on Reliability    M.Sc.    GHanbari, Fariba    2014-03-15
68    Design and implementing a furrow irrigation automation system ( real time ) with the aid of avr microcontroller and evaluation of its performance    M.Sc.    ardame, mohamadreza    2014-05-03
69    Assessing water productivity by using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA)    M.Sc.    esfandiyari, zahra    2014-05-17
70    Modeling Electrical Conductivity (EC) of Groundwater using MT3DMS ( Case study : Bojnourd plain )    M.Sc.    Kheirandish, Mahsa    2014-05-24
71    Using logs and geophysics data for Modeling of Bojnord aquifer with emphasis on hydrostratigraphy    M.Sc.    tajabadi, mina    2014-06-07
72    Modeling water resources allocation via linkage of WEAP and MODFLOW models for Bojnourd basin    M.Sc.    SABETIFARD, ALI    2014-06-14
73    Assessment of sewerage corrosion potential base on investigation H2S concentration and ORP (Case study : Sewerage collector for West Zone in mashhad city)    Ph.D    Azimi Ghalibaf, Ehsan    2014-06-23
74    Satellite Image Based Estimation of Actual Evapotranspiration Using the SEBS Algorithm (Case Study: Neshabour Plain)    M.Sc.    Paridad, Parivash    2014-08-25
75    Qualitative and quantitative analysis of drinking water supply of Mashhad with consideration of uncertainties.    Ph.D    tabatabaee, seyedalireza    2014-09-13
76    Mashhad Water Supply Reliability Evaluation    Ph.D    Ghandhari, Ahmad    2014-09-13
77    Assessment of temperature and precipitation effects on pistachio yields, case study: Kerman, Iran    M.Sc.    fakoori, hassan    2014-09-20
78    Selection and Feasibility of Irrigation Systems Using Analytical Hierarchy Process (Case Study of Neyshaboor)    M.Sc.    pahlavan yousefkhani, azam    2014-10-04
79    A Multi-criteria Decision Support System for Water Resource Allocation inside a basin for case study : Mazandaran-Golestan water conveyance system    Ph.D    Assadi, Nosratollah    2014-10-18
80    Evaluation of TRMM Satellite Data Based on selected Stations of Iran    M.Sc.    mohamadpour, mohamadali    2014-11-22
81    Development of a Water Balance Model in Catchamet scale, its Calibration and Uncertainty Assessment    Ph.D    emamifar, saeed    2014-12-16
82    Evaluation and Optimization of Raingauge Network Using Probability Kriging (Case Study: Khorasan)    M.Sc.    ramezanifar, mohammad    2014-12-20
83    Satellite precipitation data Merra,GPM and Rain-gauge stations evaluation and application for rainfall-runoff Modeling SWAT model in Kardeh    Ph.D    Alibakhshi, seyede maryam    2015-01-20
84    Implementation of Water Accounting Framework at the Basin Scale(Case Study: Neyshabour Plain)    M.Sc.    Ashkan Nazhand, Sepideh    2015-02-21
85    Steady of Neyshabour sewer network effects on regional groundwater resources    M.Sc.    Shirazian, Saeed    2015-03-07
86    The estimation of Curve Number (CN) using the information of landsat data sets (Landsat and IRS-LISS),(case study: kardeh basin)    M.Sc.    masoodi, masood    2015-04-18
87    Scaling of border irrigation for dissimilar soils    Ph.D    chari, mohammad mahdi    2015-04-22
88    Modeling the surface water balance components on regional scale with Noah-MP land surface model    Ph.D    mirshafee, samira    2015-06-28
89    Measured, simulated and comporison of soil wetting patterns under surface drip irrigation, subsurface drip irrigation and subsurface clay pipe irrigation by hydrus-2D model    M.Sc.    birjand moshiri, vahid    2015-07-04
90    ٍEvaluation of dams operations’ and the possibility of operations’ performance enhancement; case study on Kardeh, Shahid Ya’ghoobi and Tabarak dams in Khorassan Razavi Province.    M.Sc.    Arefi, Aliye    2015-09-06
91    Study of land-use variation and urban development effects on run-off coefficient and its mitigation methods urban flood; case study: Tehran zone 4    Ph.D    mokhtarpour, akbar    2015-09-13
92    Derivation and Analysis of water demand management strategies from the perspective of consumer and Authorities    Ph.D    hatami yazd, aboozar    2015-10-03
93    Driving of the effect of actual evapotranspiration on stability of rainfed weath production management in Sidaab region- North Khorasan province    Ph.D    fatemi, seyed mahdi    2015-10-07
94    fuzzy rule-based model for infiltration in layered soil    Ph.D    khorami, marzieh    2015-10-25
95    Optimization of chlorine application in water distribution system by using Genetic Algorithm with regard to passive defense strategy (case study: I1 area of Mashhad city)    Ph.D    nouri mohammadieh, majid    2016-01-22
96    Spatial Investigation of Farmers’ Collective and Individual Actions for Agri-environmental Schemes to Improve Water-Related Ecosystem Services    Ph.D    Firoozzare, Ali    2016-03-07
97    framework for hazards mitigation of sever and prolonged droughts    M.Sc.    derakhshan, hashem    2016-04-23
98    : Flood hazard assessment using remote sensing and Fuzzy-AHP modeling: A case study of Zoshk river    Ph.D    shamkoueyan, homeyra    2016-05-09
99    Joint Use of Rainfall Ground Station Data with TRMM Data to Generate Rainfall IDF Estimates in Khorasan Razavi Province    M.Sc.    rahimi sebdani, javad    2016-06-11
100    Development of improved algorithms for Downscaling SMAP-derived land surface soil moisture using Thermal / Visible satellite data    Ph.D    ghafari, elaheh    2016-07-04
101    Investigation of optimal allocation of water resource using hydro-economic models (The case study of Mashhad plain)    Ph.D    ashrafi, morteza    2016-08-09
102    Sensitivity analysis of reference evapotranspiration for current models using Monte-Carlo simulation in Iran    M.Sc.    chekave, safiyeh    2016-10-08
103    Collaborative planning framework for “Strategic Water Management” by synthesis of internal and foreign practices    Ph.D    Salarian, Mohammad    2016-10-08
104    Studying the existing standards and criteria in effluent’s usage for agriculture for using in expert system    M.Sc.    gazor habib abadi, najme    2016-10-29
105    Estimate soil moisture profile    M.Sc.    feily, yalda    2016-11-12
106    Adjastment crop coefficients of Landscape using Landsat Satellite images and SEBAL Algorithm (Case Study: Mashhad City)    Ph.D    misaghi, ali    2016-12-19
107    Simultaneous Management of Resources and Demand in order for Equilibrum of Groundwater level in the Neyshabour Plain    Ph.D    alipour, akbar    2017-01-07
108    Determine the most appropriate indices for quantitative and qualitative monitoring of sustainable water management in Iran    Ph.D    rahmani, mahsa    2017-02-20
109    Assessing the impacts of climate change on the snowpack and surface runoff ( Case study: HezarMasjed Basin)    Ph.D    Shahraki mojahed, Reza    2017-09-20
110    Determining safe yield and sustainable yield for groundwater resources in Neishabour plain    M.Sc.    kazerani, parisa    2017-10-28
111    Optimizing irrigation management (through deficit irrigation and crop rotation) by combining the simulation crop model AquaCrop with an economic model    M.Sc.    Sarrafzadeh, Nasrin    2017-12-23
112    Water-Energy-Food Nexus Approach in Water Resource Management of Mashhad Basin    M.Sc.    safaee, vahideh    2018-01-13
113    A Copula-based bivariate analysis of drought using SPI index; Case Study: Mashhad City, Razavi Khorasan, Iran    M.Sc.    Vahdati, Reza    2018-06-02
114    Solving water balance equations using efficient meta-heuristic algorithms    M.Sc.    Mehrabian, Ali    2018-06-21